three decades of blues

Solo performers are a rare breed. For some the joy of playing together with other musicians is the fuel that keeps them going but for a selected few the real magic happens when you're alone on stage without any safety net at all. That's the way Slidin' Slim likes it. 

For three decades Anders "Slidin' Slim" Landelius has performed in just about every European country there is as well as in the United States most of the time with just his trusted resophonic guitars as company. 

Back in the early 90's when Slim surfaced on the Scandinavian blues scene his main influences were the legendary delta blues artists like Robert Johnson, Son House, Big Joe Williams, Charlie Patton among many others as well as more contemporary masters like John Hammond, John Mooney and Robert Lucas (R.I.P). 

It didn't take long for Slim to establish himself as a major acoustic blues force to be reckoned with and during the last 25 years he has been the most frequently booked acoustic blues act on Swedish blues festivals and societies.

Time flies and three decades, thousands of gigs, several prestigious awards and a number of critically acclaimed records under his belt Slidin' Slim is still here doing what he loves the most; playing blues alone just like his heroes did back in the 30' and 40's. 

Photo by: Effi Trikili