Satyrblues 15 years

Compilation Album on Vinyl

Released in 2014.

Featuring Slidin' Slim, Hiram Bullock, Omar & The Howlers, Michael Lee Firkins and many more. 

Dead Soul

Upside Down

Latest single release from Dead Soul. 

Released 2021 on Cortina Collective. 

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The Blank Page

The Nomad

Second release from Slim's progressive project. Featuring Niko Tsonev, Morgan Ågren, Adam Holzman and Nicklas Brännström. Mixed and mastered by Niels Nielsen. 

Released on Cortina Collective in 2021. 

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Me and that man featuring Dead Soul


Vocals and lyrics by Slim and vocal production by Niels Nielsen on this project by Nergal from Behemoth. 

Released 2020. 

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The Blank Page


Released in 2017. 

First EP release from Slim's new progressive project The Blank Page. Featuring Ludvig Kennberg (Ghost), Nicklas Brännström, Niels Nielsen and Johan Rapp. 

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Slidin' Slim

Best of Slidin' Slim 1995 - 2005

Compilation of recording from 1995 to 2005. Featuring previously unreleased material. Released in 2015. 

Slidin' Slim & Eric Hansson

Better Late Than Never

Slidin' Slim together with blues guitar maestro Eric Hansson. 

Released EBB Records 2016. 

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Dead Soul

The Sheltering Sky

Second album from Dead Soul. Released on Razzia Notes and Century Media 2015. 

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Dead Soul

Live in Studio Underjord

Dead Soul live in Studio Underjord.

Released in 2014.

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Dead Soul

In The Darkness

Debut album by Dead Soul. 

Released by Razzia Notes 2013. 

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